Los Santos Police Department

EST. 3/13/2014 

**The Police Codes have been changed and updated**


Police Codes


Code 1 non urgent no light no sirens

Code 2urgent

Code 3 lights and sirens

Code 4 Subject in custody

Code 5 officer down all units respond

10-01 officer needing assistance  

10-4 ok

10-7 out of service

10-8 in service

10-10 fight in progress

10-15 civil disturbance

10-16 domestic disturbances

10-20 Location

10-27 Drivers License check

10-29  Check Warrants

10-32 Man with gun

10-38 stopping suspicious vehicle

10-46 assist motorist

10-50 accident

10-52a ambulance

10-52f fire truck

10-57 hit and run

10-66 suspicious person

10-80 chase in progress

10-82 Traffic stop

10-89 Bomb threat

10-90 Bank Alarm

10-92 Improperly parked vehicle

10-98 jail break

10-99 wanted

How to's

traffic stop

Officer: unit number to dispatch

Dispatch: go ahead unit number

Officer: I’m 10-82 at location, description of vehicle and number of occupants

Dispatch: 10-4 unit number I’ll show you 10-7. Over

Officer: 10-4

Call for back up

Officer: unit number to dispatch

Dispatch: go ahead unit number

Officer: Can I get a 10-01 times how many units, to my current location?

Dispatch: 10-4 unit number, stand by for additional units

Officer: 10-4


Back Ground Check

Oficer: unit number to dispatch

Dispatch: Go ahead unit number

Officer: Can I get a 10-27 on Suspect name.

Dispatch: Stand by unit number.

Dispatch: Dispatch to unit number.

Officer: go ahead dispatch.

Dispatch: information on suspect

Officer: 10- 4 Dispatch

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